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Progressive glasses

Datorglasögon eller terminalglasögon

Glasses with progressive lenses - now available online

At Nividas, the price you see is what you'll pay. All our different styles have the same price which always includes frame, lenses, anti-reflection and anti-scratch coating.

Progressive glasses standard, 350 €
Progressive glasses premium, 450 €

Read more about the different types of lenses, here.

Progressive glasses can be bought both online and in any of our stores. To order online you simply just upload a picture of your prescription, and we'll take care of the rest.


Datorglasögon eller terminalglasögon

What's the difference between these lenses?

Our lenses come from renowned German supplier Rodenstock, a company with long experience making high-quality optical glass. Every lens is made to match your specific prescription. Our progressive standard lenses have a wide field of vision compared to most lenses on the market. We also have a progressive premium lens that has an even wider field of vision and are suited for you who demand the absolute best out of your glasses. All lenses are fitted with anti-reflection and anti-scratch coating.

Datorglasögon eller terminalglasögon

What are progressive glasses?

Progressive lenses have multiple prescription powers that progressively change throughout the lens in a "corridor". Progressive lenses have three viewing areas: distance- (upper part), intermediate- (middle part), and near-vision (lower part).