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Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter

Today, we spend an average of almost 9 (!) hours a day staring at screens and computers. Did you know that the light from your TV, computer and phone contains a high proportion of blue light? This has proven to be a real troublemaker in our everyday life.

It’s a fact that blue light can disturb your melatonin levels, which makes you sleep worse. At the same time, it also increases the risk of digital tiredness (difficulty to focus, blurred vision, tired eyes and a headache). These side effects are a fact no matter what time of day you are being exposed to blue light screens.

But there is a solution *pointing at you like a salesman on tv-shop*. To fight this we now offer blue light filter that blocks parts of the blue light. This treatment can be added when buying glasses with or without strength. Isn't that great!?

Single vision glasses including blue light filter 220 €.