Manila Shiny Black

999 kr

Polariserade solglasögon: 999:-
Enkelslipade solglasögon: 1999:-
Progressiva solglasögon: 3799:-

Priset för slipade solglasögon inkluderar båge, glas med antirep- och antireflex-behandlingar, samt tunnare glas vid större synfel.

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Frame, lenses with anti-scratch & anti-reflective coating, soft case and hard case. Everything is included in our prices. Also:

Free shipping and and 30 days free returns, no questions asked.

2 year warranty on frames and lenses.


The journey towards a pair of sunglasses or glasses involves many steps in a mix of traditional craftsmanship and new technology. Many important steps in the manufacturing are still done by hand. Most of our frames are made from acetate extracted from plant cellulose, shown in the video.