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All prices specified on are including VAT. When ordering, the following four payment methods are available to choose from: 1) Card payment, for example with MasterCard, Visa or American Express; 2) Invoice payment; 3) Part payment; 4.) Direct payment (with bank account). offers safe and encrypted card payments. The card information is not visible or storage bar for nividas, and is handled with "Client Side Encryption / Point-to-Point Encryption", which is a PCI approved encryption technique. The checkout at is encrypted with SSL certificates. Payment with invoice is provided by Klarna AB (Org. No. 556737-0431). Find the full Terms of Use of Klarna Checkout here.

Home-try on is a free service, and does not connect to purchase. The home loan glasses may be kept for five days from the day that they have arrived in your mailbox or the shipping supplier, and the customer borrowing home loan glasses commits to returning the package in the supplied return bag. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the eyeglasses are handled carefully during the time they are borrowed. If the eyeglasses are not returned in time, will send reminders by email. Glasses borrowed but not returned are billed with an invoice.