Ett par Nividas

We want to create eyewear that unite conscious choices with creativity and design. The journey towards a finished pair of Nividas begins with the design at the drawing board. It ends with the making of the lenses specialized to your needs. Below we go through some of the steps before the frames are placed on the top of your nose.

Materialet blir till

Many of our glasses (all of them except for those in metal actually) are made of a material called acetate. The acetate we use is a form of plastic extracted by cellulose from plants. The material is processed, colored and mixed to obtain the right look for the frames.


Making eyewear requires a mix of specialized tools, advanced machines, and real craftsmanship. Many parts of the process are still hand made by skilled craftsmen in our factories. The film here shows some of the many manmade steps of production for one of our metal frames.

Hållbara material

A large part of our glasses and sunglasses have been developed from a new material that is not only recyclable, but also has the potential to be biodegradable. What does that mean then? Well, the bio-acetate material, when done with it's job as frames, can be naturally degraded and go back to nature. For each collection, we add more models to the range, which you will find referred to as Eco in our product categories.

Om Nividas

Vårt mål har sedan start alltid varit att sälja prisvärda, snygga glasögon i bästa möjliga kvalité. Det ska inte vara komplicerat att köpa sig nya bågar, det ska vara enkelt.