Vad är datorglasögon?

Working in front of a computer screen can cause dry eyes, fatigue and headaches. An ergonomic working position, a correct set up computer screen and good lighting conditions are important factors for those who work a lot in front of screens. Often it is a small defect in your eye sight that causes problems. If that is the case, computer glasses, also called terminal glasses, can be a good investment.

Köp av datorglasögon

Screen glasses should be specially adapted to your working conditions. In order for you to get the right lenses, we recommend that you book an eye examination with us.

Jobbar du vid skärmar?

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations, the employer must provide the cost of computer glasses if an eye examination shows the need for glasses. So, if you work a lot in front of a screen check your opportunities to get the computer glasses paid for by your employer. (AFS 1998: 5).

Lägg till blåljusfilter

The blue light from digital screens can cause disruption to your sleeping patterns and increase the risk of digital fatigue (difficulty focusing, blurred vision, tired eyes, headache). To deal with this, we offer blue light filters that blocks out the dangerous part of the blue light. This treatment is added when buy glasses from us, with or without prescription lenses. Blue light filter lenses are a perfect addition to screen glasses.