In our digital society, we spend an average of almost 9 (!) hours a day staring at various screens. The light from your TV, computer, tablet and phone contains a high proportion of blue light, which has proven to be a real negative impact in our everyday life.

Square eyes?

Blue light can affect your melatonin levels and thereby giving you a hard time to sleep at night. Blue light from screens can also increase the risk of getting tired eyes and headaches.

To deal with this problem, we now offer blue light filters that blocks out the hazardous parts of the blue light. This lens treatment is added when buying glasses, with or without prescription.

Single-vision glasses + Blue light filter 2198: -

Happy eyes 1,2,3:

1. Maintain the right circadian rhythm and sleep better. 2. Stay focused, maintain sharpness. 3. No more tired eyes and headaches.

Lägg till blåljusbehandling

Blåljusfilter kan adderas till alla våra glasögon. Vi säljer även läsglasögon som kommer med färdig blåljusbehandling. Spana in dessa nedan!