Nividas ambassador

Do you love Nividas and want to become our ambassador? Okey then, let's talk! This is a great opportunity for you to try our products for free and share great deals with your followers. Read more below and apply via the button.

What is a Nividas ambassador?

Being an ambassador for us means that you love stylish glasses, sunglasses and Nividas. An ambassador for us is a creative person who enjoys creating content for social media. You love to share tips and inspiration with your followers and get involved in our exciting missions!

Why become a Nividas ambassador?

As an ambassador you will receive:

- Free sunglasses in spring/summer.
- Free glasses in autumn/winter.
- Personalised discount codes to share with your followers.
- Creative and fun assignments.
- Invitation to collection launches in our stores.
+ Additional free products and missions on special occasions!

Who can become a Nividas ambassador?

Anyone can become an ambassador, just apply! A big + if you're a fashion-minded person who loves social media!

Frequently asked questions

Will everyone be admitted to the ambassador program?

We will review the applications and see if there is a match with Nividas. We'll get back to you as soon as we've looked at your profile!

Is there a minimum number of followers to be accepted?

We look primarily at your content and engagement. We will evaluate each application individually and let you know if you have been accepted.

Does this apply to sunglasses or regular glasses?

We adapt accordning to your profile and wishes!